While solar roof panels are often the more popular choice, solar shingles are an excellent option for those seeking to add value and aesthetics to their properties, support sustainability, and save electricity. Both solar panels and solar shingles work the same, but solar panels are assembled on top of your roof, while solar shingles are used to build a roof. Solar shingles are easy to install, lightweight, and are made to withstand rain, wind, and hail.

Solar shingles installation methods vary depending on the roof shape and substrate. Therefore, different techniques are applied when installing a sloped roof compared to a flat one. With so many possibilities for variation, the hardware used may slightly vary based on certain roofing factors, but the same general components apply.

We at Nine Fasteners have been trailblazers in the solar roofing services and hardware industry for the past decade. We take pride in providing our customers with top-of-the-line electronic and hardware solutions for your solar shingles installations and repair at competitive prices. In addition, we supply wire management clips to several leading solar systems distributors and installers nationwide.

Why Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles work similarly to solar panels—they absorb the sun’s rays and convert them to thermal or electrical energy. With an appearance identical to standard asphalt shingles roofing, they have always been reliable in providing protection, durability, and flexibility while using the sun’s solar energy to generate power for your property.

Nine Fasteners’ solar shingles are the top choice for excellent energy-efficient roofing for your property.


Solar shingles’ durability is a significant advantage over solar panels. Since they are part of the roof, they are more resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions and even fallen debris. Solar shingles are also fire-resistant, a feature not inherent in solar panels.

Better Aesthetic Appeal

Since solar shingles blend right into the roofing materials, like asphalt or concrete, they are preferable compared to the large black panels attached to the roof, which may appear bulkier.


Solar shingle warranties can last for decades depending on their production, while durability warranties covering the shingles can span your property’s lifetime.

Materials for Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are generally made from copper indium gallium selenide, to which their thinness and flexibility are credited. This semiconductor is a suitable material as it drives a high conversion efficiency rate, about 10% to 12% on average.

Some solar shingles use monocrystalline silicon, the same material used to fabricate computer chips. While these can be more pricey, they are worth the extra price as they have a higher efficiency rate of around 15% to 20%.

Hardware You Need To Install Solar Shingles

It is important to have the right components to ensure a long-lasting installation of your solar shingles. Nine Fasteners has the necessary parts, which are top-grade, to get your solar shingles up and work durably.


Metal support rails are drilled into sloped roofs or roofs with uneven surfaces, and the shingles are fastened to these rails rather than the roof itself. Rails are also used as an attachment point for zip ties and wire clips.

End Caps

Endcaps come into play when capping off the end of a rail for a more uniform, cleaner look.


Don’t want your roof to look like it’s floating? Skirts provide a sleek, refined-looking edge to the part of the system that is usually the most visible to homeowners and passersby. They are used to hide less-aesthetic features underneath, like attachments and wires. Skirts are added to the front edge of their solar shingle system.


Clamps are used to attach the shingles securely to their specific support system. Clamps are small components that make a lot of difference in system layout and can clash with a shingle frame if not installed right.

Bolts and Screws

Fasteners provide critical functions for mounting panels to their supports and the supports to the roof.

Wire Clips

Wire management serves an aesthetic and functional purpose in any roofing project. In addition to looking sloppy, hanging wires can cause short circuits after wearing down from abrasion from the roof surface. As solar shingles are installed outdoors, their components are constantly subjected to harsh environmental conditions, such as direct sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, and harsh elements such as rain, snow, and hail.

Wire clips are ideal for managing wires and preventing damage in roof mount setups. Proper wire management prevents damage to critical system parts, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the solar panel system.

Solar Shingles Hardware From Nine Fasteners

Solar shingles typically last a lifetime, but faulty wire management can easily jeopardize that. We at Nine Fasteners supply an extensive line of hardware for installation and component assembly, including a combination of standard mounting hardware and wiring clips.

Nine Fastener wire management clips are available in standard models made from 410 stainless steel or 301 ½ hard stainless steel. In addition, custom fabrication options are available for highly unique or complex applications.

Our standard solar mounting hardware was all designed, sampled, tooled, and manufactured here in the USA. This quality, combined with our inventory management services, ensures the timely delivery of high-quality products and services.

Request your quote today to find out how we can become your comprehensive solar hardware provider and help ensure your arrays are at their best.